A guide to buying your first translation

Updated: Sep 21

In basic terms, and whatever your specific requirements, you have a text in one language and you need it translated into another. Your company might be looking to expand abroad for the first time. You might have carefully crafted an article or thesis. You might need to communicate with customers that speak a different language to you. So you need a professional translator to turn your goals into a reality.

But placing an order for a translation can seem a complex task. Perhaps you have never worked with a translator before. Maybe jargon like ‘localisation’ and ‘transcreation’ seem like double Dutch to you.

Never fear. This article will explain how the translation process works. It will lay out each step of ordering a translation from Josephina Worrall Translation, making it as simple, clear and hassle free as possible.

Step 1

Contact me by email or phone, or alternatively request a callback using the contact form. Give me as much detail about your project as possible, including:

-         The subject of the text

-         The size of the document (ideally the number of words)

-         When you would like the translated file by

-         Your intended audience (for example, other academics, your current customer base or the general public)

-         The purpose of the text (are you looking to persuade prospects to become clients? Or do you just want to convey information in a clear and simple way?)

-         The format you would like to receive the translation in (Microsoft Word is generally the easiest for all involved!).

And, if possible:

Send me a copy of the text too so I can give you an accurate quote. All information will be treated as highly confidential – I am also happy to sign an NDA to put your mind at ease.

Step 2

The quote

I will issue a detailed quotation for your project, giving you several options:

·        Bronze: A basic translation that is just for information purposes and not for publication.

·        Platinum: For projects where true excellence is required. A highly polished translation that is suitable for external publication and has been subject to a rigorous quality assurance process by an external independent reviser. One round of edits is also included provided the request is received within a week of delivery.

This quote will be valid for 10 calendar days.

Step 3

Acceptance of the quote

I will only start work on your project once you confirm that you are happy with the quote and the proposed deadline. To do so, all you need to do is return the quotation form to me, signed and dated.

Step 4

Delivery of the translation

The translation will be delivered to you by email (or by post should you so wish!) on or before the deadline agreed at the quotation stage.

Step 5

With the platinum service, one round of edits is included in the price. This means that if you have any questions or suggestions, I will be happy to amend the translation within reason. Such a request must be submitted within one week of receipt of the translation. It’s very important to me that you are happy with the finished product.

Email me at to discuss your translation project today!


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