Making my business green(er)

Sustainability and protecting the environment are pretty important to me as a person and as part of my business. I'm passionate about working with people and businesses who do things differently, and I live for projects that make a difference in terms of the environment, renewable energy and changing the way we do business for the benefit of people and planet.

Until the catastrophe that is 2020 hit, I ran my business from a coworking space at a social enterprise that uses renewable energy, recycles rain water and has many other eco-friendly initiatives in place, such as encouraging cycling and doing a lot of recycling. However, with the building closed during the UK lockdown, and now my own reluctance to spend time in a busy environment when I don’t need to, working from home has become my new norm. This has posed an additional challenge when it comes to living up to my commitment to sustainability.

After some head scratching and plenty of reading, here are some of the things I decided to implement (or already did!) in my home/workplace to make it that bit greener:

Changing all lightbulbs to power-saving versions when they need replacing

Switching everything off at the socket over night

Switching energy supplier to a majority renewable provider

Using Ecosia as my search engine – it plants trees!

Much less driving (although I must admit I cycled or took the bus most of the time before anyway)

Using eco-friendly non-toxic cleaning products – and getting refills of them to save packaging - along with reusable cleaning cloths

Not printing anything unless absolutely necessary, and using recycled or sustainably sourced paper if I do

Drinking eco-friendly and ethically sourced coffee for my mid-morning coffee break, and getting UK-produced oat milk delivered in glass bottles that get returned and reused many times.

Next on my to-do list is sourcing eco-friendly business cards (for when in-person networking resumes) and finding a large eco-friendly flask so I can make a big batch of coffee and therefore boil the energy-hungry kettle less often.

What do you do to reduce your impact on the environment? Let me know if you have any other tips or ideas that your business implements, I’m always looking for recommendations!

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