What can translation do for you and your business?

Need persuading about the benefits of translation for your business? Unconvinced about investing in localisation? Read on to understand why it is important to get your content translated and what results will it bring.

1. Even when consumers speak one or more foreign languages, they are much more likely to make a purchase from a website that is localised and in their native language. In fact, according to the CSA, a whopping 75% of consumers prefer to buy in their mother tongue (Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: 2014, CSA). By not offering your website, advertising and other marketing content in different languages, you are missing out on a huge pool of potential customers. It’s pretty well accepted that in 2020, UX is king, so give yourself - and all those lovely potential customers - a helping hand.

2. There are many people out there who are monolingual (ahem looking at my compatriots here in the UK) who, without access to translations, would otherwise never even know about your business, product or service. Once again, this represents access to a huge new pool of potential customers who are all just waiting to be swayed by your snazzy website and your marketing and ad content on the myriad of digital channels businesses you have access to.

3. Furthermore, by providing content in your customers’ own language, you show that you care about them and their purchases. An engaged prospect who feels seen is much more likely to convert, so take the first step towards creating a relationship with your future customers.

4. I’m afraid to say it’s not enough to use un-checked machine translation (step away from the Google Translate plug in, but more on this in a future article). You’ve undoubtedly spent a lot of time crafting your content in your own language, so why ruin it now with unreliable and sometimes nonsensical automated translation? I refer you back to point 1 – a great user experience is one of the main ways to get conversions, and if what your prospects are reading doesn’t make much sense, why would they trust your business enough to part with their hard-earned cash?

In a nutshell, translation is about communication – helping you communicate with your audience in a way that engages and excites. It all boils down to making your business more visible, getting your posts and products more views, attracting new customers and ultimately increasing sales.

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