Working with a copywriter: the whys and the hows

In previous blog posts I have looked at the advantages for companies who sell products or services of getting their content translated by a professional. Today, I want to change tack a little and look into a service that also deals with wordcraft, and one that many translators also provide. I’m talking about copywriting of course. Translation and copywriting are two very complementary services, and I have worked with many companies who not only want pre-existing content translated from French into English, but who also want to hire someone to craft bespoke content in English to really reach out to the local audience they are targeting. If that’s an idea that tickles your fancy, read on to find out how copywriting works and how a copywriter can help you and your business.

I sat down (virtually of course) with copywriter extraordinaire Evangeline Spachis ( to lift the lid on this in-demand service.

Thanks very much for agreeing to talk to me about your work Evangeline! First things first, why should a company work with a copywriter? What is in it for them?

Of course, it would be in my interest to say so, but copywriting is more than just making sure your printed marketing materials or technical copy are ship-shape. A good copywriter understands your business, your goals and your audience to work in tandem with you and secure future and repeat business through enticing and informative communication strategies. It may be as simple as maintaining a regularly updated blog or commissioning a website refresh, but without the right expertise in creating inspiring copy for your customers, your business stands to fall at a crucial hurdle.

Copywriters do not simply bash out some ‘copy’. Our expertise goes well beyond that, encompassing the skills of persuasion that target multiple audiences and platforms, as well as a honed flair for creative writing. Not to mention fanatically checking for correct grammar and appropriate brand language.

This is not to say that you are a terrible communicator, but that whatever your business, simply time is precious, and that articulate and persuasive content cannot create itself. Now more than ever [so we meet again, #NationalLockdown], your online communications are your virtual shop window. A clumsy typo on a social media post or a confusing technical explanation may put off a sought-after client.

There are so many opportunities for you and your business to interact with your customers, from LinkedIn articles to promotional brochures. All of these must best represent you and your product, whether they find you via Google or you stick to good ol’ print advertising. Otherwise, why bother? Investing in a copywriter will ensure your marketing strategies do not go to waste.

Well it’s clear you can write very persuasively! Can you give us any concrete examples of how you’ve helped companies with your copywriting services?

I recently teamed up with a tech company based in Manchester that has pioneered software to assist the ever-growing electric vehicle industry. It felt great to be a tiny part of a global shift towards cleaner and greener ways of living, and to find out more about an interesting product from such an innovative company.

Essentially, they had put all the work in to honing their creation but recognised that they needed someone on their side in the final stages – to help present their ideas in a global marketplace. Much like a translator, I can step in to ensure that you swiftly connect with potential business partners or appropriately highlight your USPs and drive sales.

I was delighted to assist them in creating copy for their new website and to help fulfil their essential marketing commitments by creating technical articles for a respected industry association they belong to.

I don’t always get to write about products or services that particularly inspire me (don’t tell anyone, but making portaloos sound interesting was a struggle), but however specialist or technical your organisation might be, copywriters are skilled at familiarising themselves with the subject and bringing it to life.

I’m sure the copy about those portaloos was pretty riveting after you had finished with it! Let’s say a company has never worked with a copywriter before, what should they expect out of the process? And how do you approach a new customer relationship?

Everything starts with a conversation. Whether it is via Zoom, a phone call or perhaps while grabbing a coffee [when it is safe to do so], my process always begins with getting to know a little bit about you or your company. This insight into what you hope to achieve with your latest marketing push, rebrand or website upgrade will mean that you can find out more about how I may be able to assist you too.

Through this conversation I will hopefully understand the potential scale of the project, while you can ask me any burning questions you may have for me and discuss any initial ideas or rough briefs. A no-obligation, pressure-free consultation is always a great jumping-off point for discussing ideas or working through your marketing requirements, even if you decide to not hire my services…though I always hope you will! Once the size of the project has been agreed, I will then send you what is known as a copywriting agreement to read through and sign. This is a straight-forward and a [hopefully] not very scary document which outlines what you can expect from me and how I work, including all the terms and conditions which will protect both me and you during the project.

A detailed quote for my services and an agreed deadline is provided within this document, as well as a payment plan for new clients to look over. It all sounds very formal, but essentially this is just to ensure that we are on the same page with everything and to avoid any confusion down the line.

Once this is signed, I can get to work producing your tailormade content. From time to time I might require some extra information and give you a bell to fact-check or grab some more info, so your availability for any further questions is key. However, never expect calls or frantic texts at 1am, just the odd email or catch-up may be necessary, and again, this is all just to make sure the final product is as accurate and consistent as possible.

Finally, do you have any tips for a potential customer preparing to work with a copywriter?

Honestly, just recognising the benefit of working with a copywriter is a great first step. Realising the value of a copywriter’s services will make for a great working relationship and will mean that both sides of this transaction will feel the benefit of the partnership. Being open to consultation about your business and your marketing goals is a must. And remember to hand over any pertinent product or company information or brand guidelines you may have – these will really help a copywriter create some insightful and memorable copy that sets you apart from your competitors.

That all sounds fantastic Evangeline, thanks so much for sharing your insights with us.

I have personally worked with Evangeline before, and can attest to her near-magical way with words. She is also a dream to work with! If you are interested in working with a copywriter, drop her a line at, I know you won’t be disappointed. And if you think that a combination of translation and copywriting is exactly what your business needs, then why not book a callback with me using my contact form to talk it through?


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